She didn’t think that flirting with all of her three hot…

She didn’t think that flirting with all of her three hot professors was going to lead to anything.

She was wrong … in a very good way.


I must have smiled at him, because he made a slight movement, as though to pull himself together, then said somewhat roughly: “But it’s not only your pussy we’ll want.”
I felt my eyes widen involuntarily. Oral was to be expected – and I’d already had Dr. Johnston’s dick down my throat, obviously – but anal? It was clear that was what he was talking about. Besides, there were three of them, after all …
There was a part of me that thought the whole thing was crazy, I’d never even had sex with a guy and now I was going to be the centre of some bizarre professorial gangbang and get each of my holes fucked, maybe even all at the same time?
Then there was the part of me that got incredibly wet at the idea that these three gorgeous men were possibly going to make me airtight, just like I’d seen online …
“Oh come on Tara, no need to pretend to be surprised. Surely you’ve done it before, with some silly boyfriend or other. The only difference is that you’re going to be dealing with real men, with real men’s dicks, and you’re just going to get stretched out quite a bit more …”
“I’ve never done it,” I said. “Actually, I’ve never done anything with any guy. I wanted to save my first time for a real man … or three, as it seems will be the case.”